Thursday, April 23, 2009

first post

Hi, I’m a new blog and I write concern all about women and their problems from cradle to death. Every woman in the world went through one problem to other. Most women never saw sufferance in their lifetime but most died suffering from various problems. Women must rise up from their slumber and be like Obama’s wife. She is a wife and mother to her two daughters, always want to take them to school like before she became America black first lady.

In Nigeria, I discover that we have female president in charge in Hajia. She is a woman that knows her onion and how to slice it without crying.

In Lagos, Mrs Abimbola is a woman who never gives up on children through her NGO. Her husband change lagos from most dirty city to clean and safe environment.

It is time for women to rise up from their slumber to be WHO God make them to be.


  1. This is lovely,but i think you need to edit your post.SEE YOU AT THE TOP

  2. I want to see more women in leadership position because we are invincible!

  3. Great post! Indeed, women have so much to offer and one of my prayers is that women all over the world come to realise and acualise that.